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Our Early Learning Centre

Mini Thinkers is an early learning centre located in Dunedin, for children aged three months to five years.  Our mission is to inspire a generation of mini thinkers who are excited and motivated by their own ideas and achievements… and we achieve this every single day.


Our approach is BALANCED, PROGRESSIVE, NURTURING and based on the premise of providing inspiring experiences.


Our unique concept challenges industry standards and develops ways to not only provide learning opportunities beyond what parents have come to expect but to ensure all children thrive. Our innovative indoor and outdoor environments, nutritious whole foods menu, nurturing setting, qualified educators, balanced learning methods and regular personalised communication ensure positive outcomes for all children.


We know that Mini Thinkers is where children realise their potential and where they are inspired by a variety of positive experiences.  Not only is this backed up by what we see every day but also by the results from our recent (anonymous) survey that showed 95/95 parents rated their “overall experience at Mini Thinkers” a 9 or 10 (out of 10).

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