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Our Story

Mini Thinkers was first inspired by a passion to create a place that would provide my daughter (who is now nine) with a balanced, fresh and progressive approach to early learning.  I wanted her to go somewhere that would instil in her a love of learning through inspiring experiences (something new each day) and provide her with tools and skills that would allow her to find the transition to school exciting as opposed to daunting and different.  I also wanted her to be surrounded by resources and an environment that encouraged her to inquire, explore and create, but most importantly, I wanted her to spend her days at a place that was fun, energising and where she could thrive.  


Unfortunately, our eldest daughter grew up so fast that Mini Thinkers was still only an idea, but our youngest daughter has been able to experience eight months of everything I had envisioned over all those years.  The first ever (self-proclaimed) mini thinker has started school and I could not be prouder of all that Mini Thinkers has given her. She has blossomed into a vibrant, enthusiastic and confident little girl (who now eats broccoli) and is ready for the exciting challenges of formal education.  


I feel blessed that my vision has impacted on her life so positively and grateful that other children get to share in this journey.  


What a priceless gift.



Director of Mini Thinkers

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